Don't guess, test! Find out what supplements you really need with Protect Health's Micronutrient testing & Dietitian developed Customized/Personalized Supplement Regimen! This service is great for anyone, not just those with thyroid conditions.

Overwhelming scientific evidence confirms that vitamin & mineral deficiencies are associated with disease processes, suppressed immune function and the overall condition of one’s health. Standard lab tests do not assess if nutrients are properly functioning within the body, but with specialized micronutrient testing, we can help you find out and provide you with the guidance you need to correct any micronutrient deficiencies! 

More reasons to test:

  • You are not what you eat, you are what you are able to digest and absorb. Although you may eat a nutrient-dense diet, if you do not absorb vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and/or other essential micronutrients properly, you will have deficiencies.

  • Health conditions (thyroid issues, diabetes, fatigue, GI disorders, hormone imbalances, infertility, etc.) can all be affected, directly or indirectly, by micronutrient deficiencies.

  • Our micronutrient requirements at age 30 are quite different from our requirements at ages 40, 50, and beyond. Absorption difficulties and increased demand are common as we age.

  • Excessive physical activity or inactivity, stress, medications, smoking, alcohol and poor sleep patterns all impact micronutrient demands. 

Specialized micronutrient testing is the only test that can identify nutrient deficiencies at the cellular level so that we can recommend personalized targeted therapy to help replenish nutrient deficiencies. In addition to correcting specific deficiencies that could negatively influence your health, you may find that your symptoms are minimized and you may have more energy and focus for the things that you want to do, which is priceless!

Options for testing include our "Just Testing" Package (emailed results interpretation with supplement recommendations). You can add on a 20 minute Q&A session to delve deeper into your results for an additional fee.

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